Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC Training taken with us has these benefits:
 • DVSA approved training provider
 • Wide variety of DVSA approved courses 
 • Relaxed, informal trainer led delivery
 • Experienced trainers
 • Regular training courses held
 • Bespoke course programmes available
 • Updates knowledge and gives new skills

What is it?

Most drivers who wish to use their LGV or PCV vocational driving licence professionally are required by law to hold a valid Driver CPC qualification. Both drivers and the operators they work for are at risk of fines and other penalties for not holding the qualification when driving commercial vehicles.

Who should attend?

Holders of vocational lorry (category C1, C1E, C and CE) and/or bus (category D1, D1E, D and DE) licences are required by the regulations to complete 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years.

Our Driver CPC courses cover a wide range of subjects so that drivers can improve or add to their existing knowledge and skills, develop professionally and remain safe and legally compliant.  

A recommended best practise is to complete 1 day (7 hours) of training per year so that drivers may be regularly kept up to date.

Drivers who are unsure of how much training they have completed can find out here: www.gov.uk/checkdrivercpc

What does it cost?

Our Driver CPC courses cost as little as £66.00 per person per day. This price includes VAT and the DVSA upload fee so there are no hidden extras.

How does it work?

Training is delivered using a mixture of presentations, videos, discussion and breakout sessions.

The course content includes the following 3.5-hour modules that can be delivered with each other to make up a full 7-hour training course for PCV and/or LGV drivers:

• Customer Service - PCV & LGV

• Disability Awareness - PCV Only 

• Driver Welfare - PCV & LGV 

• Drivers Hours & Tacho Awareness - PCV & LGV 

• Drivers Hours Rules - PCV & LGV 

• Fire Awareness - PCV & LGV 

• First Aid Awareness - PCV & LGV 

• Fuel Efficient Driving - PCV or LGV 

• Health & Safety - PCV & LGV 

• Loading Safely - LGV Only

• Manual Handling - PCV or LGV

• Mental Health Awareness - PCV & LGV 

• Road Traffic Accidents - PCV & LGV 

• Rules of the Road - PCV & LGV 

• Safe & Legal LGV Driver - LGV Only 

• Safe & Legal PCV Driver - PCV Only 

• Safeguarding - PCV Only 

• Use of Tachographs - PCV & LGV 

• Vehicle Roadworthiness - PCV or LGV

We additionally have a 7-hour Vulnerable Road Users module that can be delivered to both PCV and LGV drivers. 

All those attending will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance on completion.

When are the courses held?

Download our latest training dates below, or call or email for further information regarding available course dates and booking details. Remote courses are available on request.



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Initial Qualification Information

Drivers who gained their vocational licence after 9th September 2008 for PCV licences or 9th September 2009 for LGV licences may have had to pass the Driver CPC Initial Qualification in order to obtain their Drivers Qualification Card (DQC)*. If you have not gained the Initial Qualification, where required and do not have a valid DQC you cannot have any Driver CPC training hours uploaded to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) driver database as part of the 35 hours of periodic training. Further information regarding this can be found here: www.gov.uk/become-lorry-bus-driver  

Driver CPC 4U cannot accept responsibility if you attend any Driver CPC training course and it is subsequently discovered that the training hours cannot be uploaded due to the lack of attaining the Initial Qualification. We kindly request that drivers bring their DQC (together with their Driving licence) with them when attending any Driver CPC training course at Driver CPC 4U. 

*Please note: drivers who gained their car licence before 1st Jan 1997 typically will have acquired rights for C1 and D1 licences and therefore do not have to gain the Initial Qualification.

If you require any further information on Driver CPC training that is not contained in any of our pages, or if you wish to clarify any implications this may have for you or your company, please contact us.

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