Dangerous Goods Awareness
Training Course

Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

Dangerous Goods Awareness Training taken with us has these benefits:
 • Experienced trainers 
 • Detailed course notes provided
 • Interactive training
 • Legal compliance with CDG regulations
 • Ability to include Driver CPC hours

What is it?

All persons involved in the loading, handling and transportation of dangerous goods are required to undergo appropriate training to enable them to carry out their duties safely. This includes drivers who carry dangerous goods in Limited Quantities or under Small Load Exemptions. Our Dangerous Goods Awareness will ensure relevant personnel satisfy this requirement.

Who should attend?

This one day course is designed to provide office, warehouse, loading and driving staff with the required knowledge and skills to understand how to recognise dangerous goods, their hazards and what actions must be taken when dealing with them.

What does it cost?

Dangerous Goods Awareness course – £96.00 per person. Price includes VAT.

7 hours of Driver CPC Qualification for only £12.00 including VAT.

What does the course cover?

Training is delivered using a mixture of presentations, videos and practical demonstrations, and a comprehensive set of course notes is issued to all candidates.

The course content includes:

• Regulations covering dangerous goods

• Hazards and dangers of UN Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9

• Dangerous goods documentation

• Marking and labelling of vehicles and packages

• Safe loading and handling of dangerous goods

• Security of dangerous goods

• Vehicle, driver and transportation equipment

• Emergency actions

All those attending will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance on completion.

When are the courses being held?

Dates                                                                                Course

Monday 15th January 2024                                Dangerous Goods Awareness

Monday 4th March 2024                                     Dangerous Goods Awareness

Monday 29th April 2024                                      Dangerous Goods Awareness

All courses will be held at our training centre in Sawbridgeworth, Herts



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Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

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Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

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