August 2023

Why take training?

There are probably two main reasons why anyone undertakes training: because it is a legal requirement or because a new skill is required. However, there may be a dozen reasons that people find to not take training. So why not take training? ‘It is too expensive’, ‘it’s not relevant’ or ‘it’s boring sitting in a training room’ are potential responses, but these may not actually be the case…

Let’s consider cost – inevitably the final price of training is one thing but getting value for money is another and this could be simply achieved look at taking two pieces of training at the same time. For example, it could be by undertaking an ADR course and achieving Driver CPC qualification for some or all of the days attended, thereby spreading the cost further. There are also cost issues for operators – not what is the price of training, but what is the price of NOT training? Investing in training programmes for drivers, managers and other personnel can reduce legal non-compliance, roadworthiness concerns, fuel usage, accident rates and health & safety issues among many other things and all of these can have a heavy cost, whether financial or operational.

What about relevance? This is of course in the eye of the beholder but both operator and driver can benefit from many of our course subjects. For the operator it can tick some of those health & safety and compliance boxes and operators should always look at using training to gain what they need for their operation. We welcome the opportunity to put the right package together for and operators’ PCV or LGV operation. For the driver, training is the opportunity to update their knowledge of legislation or technology and as professionals to recognise how they can improve standards. Many drivers just need to refresh their knowledge and often come away from a day’s training confident that they are doing the right thing and are compliant.

Finally, ‘It’s boring sitting in a training room’ and sadly yes, in some cases, it can be. For this reason, we take all steps to ensure that the courses we provide are friendly, welcoming, informative and interactive. But we do also ask that everyone engages in the training and participates during the day whether it is their experiences they can share, technology they have used or just funny stories – the simple truth is the more you put into it the more enjoyable and beneficial it can be.

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